21 May 2022

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Who are we

We often get asked questions about RealinfoSec. We consist of a very small group of information security veterans based all around the world from the EU to Asia.

We are here to protect, share our knowledge and increase public awareness of Information and Cyber Security. We also continue to support organisations and individuals with ongoing incident responses.

We, RealinfoSec will routinely post articles that we believe should be at the forefront of every Information Security specialists mind, and the wider public in general. This includes but is not limited to; Malware and Threat Analysis, Independent Research, Data breaches, Zero Day exploits (0Day), Cybersecurity related Guides and much more.

The Six Steps of Cyber Security Incident Response Process

Validate >> Triage >> Containment >> Recovery >> Investigation >> Hardening

Knowledge is power

Driven by smart individuals wanting to do good, we, Real InfoSecurity endeavour to help anyone in the IT industry to advance their knowledge with certifications and skills. At the same time, we empower all our team with security training to stay cyber safe at work and home.

It’s what we do every day — educating individuals and organizations to defend themselves from cybercrime and equipping everyone with skills and confidence so the good guys can come out on top.

Cybersecurity Starts With You

Every time you use the Internet, you face choices related to your security. Friends can be selected, links clicked, websites accessed, and wireless networks can be joined. Your security and the security of the nation depends on making secure online decisions. Making the Internet more safe and secure requires all of us to take responsibility for our own cybersecurity posture.

Did you know at RiSec, Real InfoSecurity

  • We have over 60 years combined experience in our small team.
  • We prevent attacks, raise awareness and secure over 500 Systems per year.
  • We have worked with individuals and organizations in over 180 countries.
  • Our team is competent at programming and scripting in over 30 computing languages, yes you read that correctly 35+ computing languages combined. Including: C#,C++,Java,JS,PHP,Python,Perl,Ruby,VB,Scratch,Lua. (Contact us to find out more).
  • We’re certified in a number of sectors.
  • We use industry leading tools – but that’s not it; we have many tools that are not available in the public domain which have been developed by our team.
  • Through our automated systems we report countless IP’s per day (Contact us to find out more about this)

Need Cyber Assistance

Perhaps you need some CyberSecurity related assistance, but you don’t even know where to start? Maybe you’re not even sure if you need assistance. We’re happy to help and evaluate small scale businesses and the wider public with Security related issues and or general enquiries in most cases. I.E Virus removal, Home PC issues, Networking, Help with Web Hosting/Cloud hosting, Pen-Testing etc.

Perhaps you own a small business, have a hobby website or something alike but don’t even know where to start with real cyber security? We can help, we can guide. Contact us today

New to CyberSecurity

If you’re new to the industry or are simply looking for a dedicated Info/CyberSec group to join we are open to the idea. Getting full access to our group is not a simple process, however, feel free to drop an eMail and we’ll take it from there.


Donating to the Real InfoSecurity project helps ensure that we can maintain a presence online. It allows us to provide free support, invaluable tutorials, Breaking Cybersecurity news and InfoSecurity news, independent analysis plus much much more.

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All donations go towards the expansion and upkeep of the Real InfoSecurity servers. Donations are gratefully appreciated but are not expected or required.

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