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Ukraine Accuses Russia of using Phosphorus Bombs – Ombudsman

Ukraine accuses Russia of using phosphorus bombs – ombudsman

Article influenced from the original post by The Mirror

Ukraine’s human rights ombudswoman accused Russia on Sunday of using banned phosphorus munitions in an overnight attack on the town of Popasna in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region. Reuters had reported they were not immediately able to verify her statement.

The ombudswoman, Liudmila Denisova, shared a photograph purporting to show the alleged attack, but did not say if Ukraine had concrete evidence.

“The bombing of a civilian city by the Russian attackers with these weapons is a war crime and a crime against humanity according to the Rome convention,” she said in an online statement.

This follows allegations made by Ukrainian law enforcement officials, who posted images and videos to social media of what they claimed to be white phosphorus:

Credit: Олексій Білошицький

The fighting in Ukraine

Fighting continues on the 18th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with civilian areas in the Kharkiv and Mariupol areas reportedly coming under fire by Russian forces.

The Ukrainian military accused Russian forces of continuing to use civilian infrastructure for the purposes of their ongoing invasion, which includes disguising themselves as Ukrainian civilians or soldiers. 

UK intel: Russian forces are attempting to push further into the country, advancing from Kharkiv in the North and Mariupol in the South with the goal of enveloping Ukrainian forces in the East.

The Ukrainian military also accused Russian forces of targeting civilians and seizing their personal belongings.

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