Saturday, February 24, 2024

Over 7k SOL ($1.2M) got lost on Solana NFT mint due to a hack

What an upside-down for the Solana community, especially for MK holders. There was a scheduled party with Steve Aoki to celebrate the new minting collection, but it ended up really bad.
Just before the real mint, a big hack happened over the Monkey Kingdom Solana NFT project. Over $1.2 million is hacked from thousands of people who tried to mint and some individuals are reporting that they lost 650 SOL (~$100,000).
It’s not sure how the hack actually happened but seems that the malicious bot sent an official announcement with a malicious link, which looked exactly like the original website. Here is a domain name:
Since minting such a big project is a race of fast fingers, a lot of people didn’t pay attention to what is going on. The website asked for permission from a Phantom wallet, and it actually drained all SOL from their wallet.
Monkey Kingdom is one of the known “Bluechip” projects in Solana NFT space, currently sitting at 45 SOL FP, but reaching the floor price up to 100 SOL (~$18,000).
This seems like a well-planned attack. They reported earlier that malicious links were spreading via DM, so they announced to not click anything except the official announcement channel. And that is what happened, the malicious bot sent the announcement from the official channel, and people were rushing like crazy to be the first one to mint. They also reported a DDOS attack on their website, which made it unavailable, just before the mint.
They are investigating with Discord developers what happened, and also said they will make it up to all victims, but let’s see what will happen.
To prevent such things in the future, be sure you have a burner wallet. The burner wallet is just another account, which is there to hold your temporary funds allocated for minting. For a better explanation, check this video below 👇
UI/UX, Web/Mob Dev, Growth hacking
Written by
Deep internet diver, who have experience in a lot of IT segments. Mind behind,
UI/UX, Web/Mob Dev, Growth hacking
Written by
Deep internet diver, who have experience in a lot of IT segments. Mind behind,
UI/UX, Web/Mob Dev, Growth hacking

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