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List of the Top 10 most in-demand jobs in InfoSec / Cybersecurity in 2022

We’re almost halfway through this year and, like around the same time during last year, we thought it would be interesting to go a bit deeper into the analytics part of running on job board – in the most privacy-focused way for our users, of course. So here we have our new list with the 

10 most in-demand job titles in InfoSec/Cyber in June ’22:

1. Security Engineer
2. Application Security Engineer
3. Cloud Security Engineer
4. Cybersecurity Researcher
5. DevSecOps Engineer
6. Security Analyst
7. Information Security Analyst
8. Product Security Engineer
9. Information Security Engineer
10. Cloud Security Architect

Job title comparison: 2022 to 2021

Demand for security engineers stands firm this year being still at the top. An interesting observation is the rise of cloud security roles while cloud security architecture declined quite a bit. Furthermore, it seems like there is more demand for security analysts this year.

1Security EngineerSecurity Engineer
2Application Security EngineerApplication Security Engineer
3Cloud Security Engineer (+2)DevSecOps Engineer
4Cybersecurity Researcher (+)Cloud Security Architect
5DevSecOps Engineer (-2)Cloud Security Engineer
6Security Analyst (+4)Information Security Engineer
7Information Security Analyst (+)Cyber Security Analyst
8Product Security EngineerProduct Security Engineer
9Information Security EngineerInformation Security Manager
10Cloud Security Architect (-6)Security Analyst

InfoSec/Cybersec job title raking and change comparison between 2022 and 2021

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The methodology

Our “methodology” here is still quite simple: we’re primarily counting the occurrence of job titles over the last 12 months globally, cleaned and adjusted for certain specialities that some companies like to do, e.g. inventing their own stuff that’s not being used by anyone else or adding crazy super-specific details to a job title. We also left out many titles with indicators regarding seniority or other requirements as we already have dedicated attributes for these.

Data source and API

If you’re interested in the full list of job titles in the Information Security space check out the API endpoint that provides the raw JSON data:


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