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Our small but mighty independent team of global information security experts is dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness and protecting against cyber threats.

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Our core objective is to enhance the safety of the World Wide Web on a global scale. Central to our mission is the prevention of cyber attacks and the cultivation of heightened awareness regarding CyberSecurity. RiSec is dedicated to the ceaseless fortification of numerous systems annually. Our profound capability in furnishing impactful online resources stands as a testament to our commitment in safeguarding and fortifying the global cybersecurity landscape, thereby mitigating and preempting potential threats.

Cybersecurity Starts With You

Each instance of Internet usage presents a series of decisions concerning your security. The selection of acquaintances, activation of links, entry into websites, and connection to wireless networks all entail choices. The integrity of your personal security, as well as the security of the World Wide Web, or simply the global digital realm, hinges upon the conscious adoption of secure online choices. The endeavor to elevate Internet safety and security necessitates a collective commitment to assuming accountability for our individual cybersecurity stance.

Not For Profit

RiSec represents an autonomous, non-profit alliance comprising of individuals dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity awareness and education. We embrace the essence of compassion, tirelessly striving to create a positive influence on the world, motivated not by financial gain but by their sense of purpose.

All proceeds generated from this website are reinvested into the ongoing development, hosting, and maintenance of the risec project. This encompasses various initiatives, including but not limited to our Discord CVE Alerts Bot and Security News Alerts, our CVE Tracking WebApp, Cyber-Academy resources, and other related iniatives.

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