RiSec Community Discord Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

Follow Discord’s TOS:

Follow Discord’s Community Guidelines:

  • No NSFW content, gore, or sexually suggestive behavior allowed. This includes discussions about sex, genitals, fanfiction, and e-dating. Sending censored or suggestive NSFW content, sexualizing minors, or engaging in any kind of sexual behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Show respect to all members. Avoid trolling, causing drama, being rude, racist, sexist, and engaging in hate speech or using slurs.
  • Do not spam or be annoying in the chat or voice channels. This includes using soundboards or spamming leave and join VC. Don’t intentionally irritate others or bait them with spoilers.
  • Please use English only.
  • Do not share malicious content such as fake virus videos or IP-grabbing links. Posting someone’s IP address from your own website is also prohibited.
  • Your Discord profile must not contain any racist, sexist, or hate speech-related content. Your name must also be pingable on a U.S English keyboard.
  • Advertising is not allowed, including DM advertising.
  • Do not bypass automod by using symbols or other characters.
  • Do not find loopholes in the rules. If you have any concerns, please open a ticket on discord or via the Support Desk https://www.realinfosec.net/support/
Please note that adherence to these rules is essential for maintaining a healthy and welcoming community on the RiSec server. In cases of repeated or serious violations, we reserve the right to take action to preserve the integrity of the server and its members. We appreciate your cooperation and hope to avoid any situations that would require such measures!