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CyberSecurity Support Free Cybersecurity Support Service

Seeking cybersecurity assistance for thy home PC or business? Look no further! Our CyberSecurity Support Service is here to assist with all thy Information Security related issues, including Linux hosting, virus removal, pen-testing, and more. No matter the nature of thy inquiry, we shall endeavor to provide thee with the necessary guidance or point thee in the direction of those who can. Let us join together in the noble pursuit of cybersecurity enlightenment!

Free Cybersecurity Support

Attention, all noble patrons of our digital kingdom! We are proud to announce the advent of our glorious Cyber Security Support Service, now fully operational and at your service. To access this service, we offer thee two paths to enlightenment. Should your inquiry be of a non-urgent nature, we humbly beseech you to utilize our Support Ticket system, where you may submit a request for assistance, outlining the nature of thy query. For those requiring immediate aid in the face of a dire cyber threat, we offer our Live Chat feature, located in the bottom right corner of thy screen. There, thou may speak with our valiant cybersecurity warriors in real time, and together, thou shall vanquish the forces of darkness that seek to bring chaos and destruction to our digital realm. May thy journey towards cybersecurity enlightenment be fruitful and bountiful!”


Before using the Live Chat Support feature, please visit our CyberSecurity Knowledgebase and attempt to find the answer to your query there.

How can we provide cybersecurity support for free

CyberSecurity – The ever-elusive enigma of our digital world. But fear not, dear friend, for we offer thee a most wondrous gift: free cybersecurity support! How is this possible, you ask? Well, it’s all thanks to the benevolent donations to the RiSec project. This support allows us to expand and maintain our mighty RiSec Servers, which in turn allows us to offer a number cybersecurity services free of charge. However, let it be known that while we appreciate any donations made to our cause, they are by no means expected or required. If, by chance, you feel so inclined to support our noble mission, you may find the Secure Donor Box waiting for you at the bottom of this page. Together, we shall vanquish the nefarious forces of cybercrime and emerge victorious!”

Cybersecurity Knowledge Base

Some questions can often be answered by refering to our knowledge base.

Cybersecurity Help Desk

Non-urgent query? Use the ticket system located within the help desk.

Cybersecurity Live Support

Use the live chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen to connect with a cyber professional.

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