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JD Sports: Cyber Attack affects 10 million customers

Following a cyber-attack, sportswear retailer JD Sports warned that stored information about 10 million consumers may be in danger.

The business claimed that names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, order information, and the last four digits of bank cards were among the data that hackers “may have acquired.”

The information concerned purchases made online between November 2018 and October 2020.

Injured consumers were being contacted, according to JD Sports.

According to the group, the affected data was “minimal.” It noted that it didn’t have all of the payment card information and didn’t think the hackers had access to account passwords.

“We want to apologise to those customers who may have been affected by this incident,” said Neil Greenhalgh, chief financial officer of JD Sports. “Protecting the data of our customers is an absolute priority for JD.”

The attack related to online orders placed for the JD, Size?, Millets, Blacks, Scotts and MilletSport brands and it is understood it was detected by the company in recent days, but only the historical data was accessed.

The company said it was working with “leading cyber-security experts” and was engaging with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in response to the incident.

Mr Greenhalgh said affected customers were being advised “to be vigilant about potential scam e-mails, calls and texts”.

This isn’t the first incident for JD Sports, they suffered a data breach in 2021, affecting the personal and financial information of its customers. The breach was discovered by the company’s cybersecurity team, who immediately launched an investigation into the matter.

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