Monday, May 20, 2024

EU security blunder as ‘secret’ defence ministers call hacked and ..

A so-called ‘SECRET’ virtual call of EU defence ministers descended into chaos after a Dutch journalist managed to hack into the conference, prompting many members to burst out into laughter.

A confidential consultation between European Union Defence ministers was the victim of a hack. Journalist Daniel Verlaan from RTL News had managed to join the virtual meeting after guessing the password. This was possible because the Twitter account of Dutch Minister Ank Bijleveld briefly contained a photo with the login address and part of the pin code.

In footage taken, Mr Verlaan appears shocked as he realises he has actually made it onto the call.

He waves at the participants, causing many people to laugh.

The EU’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell jokingly asks: “How are you?”

The journalist replied: “I’m fine, how are you?”

Mr Borrell told him: “You know that you have been jumping into a secret conference?”

Mr Verlaan said: “Yes, yes. I’m sorry. I’m a journalist from the Netherlands.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your conference. I’ll be leaving here.”

The EU official added: “You know it’s a criminal offence, huh? You’d better set off quickly before the police arrives.”

The Dutch tech reporter decided to sign off then, saying “bye bye” to the conference before exiting the call.

Throughout the exchange, laughter can be heard coming from a lot of participants.

Mr Borrell apologises to the members even as many appear amused at the situation.

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