Tuesday, June 25, 2024

CybExer Tasked With Enhancing Luxembourg’s Cyber-Defense Capabilities

Cybersecurity firm CybExer Technologies has announced it has been tasked with building a cyber-range for the Luxembourg Directorate of Defense in order to grow the skills of its current and future cyber-personnel.

The cyber-range is essentially an IT-systems simulation environment that aims to improve organizations’ cyber-defense capabilities by conducting regular training and testing.

The company has been awarded a three-year contract by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) to deliver the range, which will utilize CybExer’s management tools and offer realistic and flexible training environments. The platform will primarily be used by the NSPA and Luxembourg Directorate of Defense, but may also be shared with allies and partners.

This follows the recent decision by the Directorate of Defense of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to develop its cyber-defense capabilities. In order to grow the skills of its security staff, the directorate is working with the NSPA to purchase new training capabilities.

As part of the agreement, CybExer will also provide a series of dedicated training sessions as well as have responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the range throughout the period of the contract.

Andrus Kivisaar, CEO of CybExer Technologies, commented: “We have been focusing on building and improving cyber-ranges for years and are glad that our dedication and expertise in the field has been recognized at NATO level. We see that the cybersecurity environment is getting more and more complex. It is good to work with a client who shares our vision and demands a sophisticated cyber-range solution.”

Ben Fetler, cybersecurity project manager at the Luxembourg Directorate of Defense, added: “Luxembourg has become a key ICT actor in the European Union. We have invested massively in connectivity and IT infrastructures over the last years, with the aim of becoming a ‘smart nation’ and one of the most dynamic digital economies in Europe. All of this requires protection and with our national cybersecurity strategy we are aiming, together with NSPA and CybExer, at building a highly capable training environment that can prepare our cybersecurity teams for the most advanced threats.”

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