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Nearly 300 Vulnerabilities Patched by Huawei’s HarmonyOS in 2022

Chinese tech giant Huawei patched nearly 300 vulnerabilities in its HarmonyOS operating system in 2022

Huawei is rewarding zero-click attacks that result in arbitrary code execution with prizes of up to €1 million through its HarmonyOS bug bounty programme. A maximum of €120,000 can be paid to researchers for new lockscreen bypass techniques.

Until the US government prohibited American companies from supplying software and technology to the Chinese company in 2019, Huawei smartphones and other gadgets relied on the Android operating system.

Later on in the year, Huawei announced HarmonyOS, a new operating system that runs on a variety of gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, wearable technology, and car infotainment systems.

Huawei has a bug bounty programme with high payouts for severe vulnerabilities and exploit chains because the business is conscious that the operating system needs to be secure in order to compete with Android and iOS.

In comparison, roughly 800 vulnerabilities were patched in Android in 2022, according to data from CVE Details. However, Android is far more popular than HarmonyOS, which means it gets more scrutiny from security researchers.

According to a SecurityWeek research, HarmonyOS had more than 290 security holes addressed in 2022, including roughly 100 that affected third-party libraries. The information is taken from the company’s monthly security advisories from the previous year.

Almost twenty vulnerabilities have been classified as “critical,” while 94 have been classified as “high.”

These flaws can be used for privilege escalation, remote code execution, information gathering, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

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