Sunday, February 25, 2024

NZ: Vodafone accidentally sent a customer personal details of 18 other accounts

Vodafone apologised for what it believes is a one-off “technical glitch”

A customer has alerted Vodafone to a privacy breach after she was sent the personal details of 18 other customers.

On Vodafone’s Facebook page on Tuesday night, the customer said she had received “hundreds” of other people’s accounts and bills along with her own monthly bill.

Vodafone spokesman Sam Sinnott​ confirmed the telco had sent a PDF containing the name, address and phone numbers for 18 customer accounts to the woman along with her e-bill. The company believed it was a one-off breach.

“There was no credit card or banking information involved in this incident, nor was there any information related to a customer’s calling or usage history,” Sinnott said in a statement on Thursday.

Vodafone had been in touch with the 18 account holders whose details were sent to the customer.

“Our investigations to date into the bill run in question indicates this issue was an isolated technical glitch, however, we will continue to work with our billing delivery partner to understand the root cause,” he said.

“Our privacy, technical and billing teams are continuing to review the incident with urgency, and we will take all appropriate steps as needed to reassure customers and prevent any reoccurrence.”


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