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PS5 Hacked To Run Original Metal Gear On Internal Web Browser

While the PlayStation 5 boasts a huge catalog of brand new upcoming titles, one player has found a way to access the decades-old classic Metal Gear

PlayStation homebrew developer has managed to run the original Metal Gear through an internal web browser on the PlayStation 5. Metal Gear, the first in the long-running series directed by Hideo Kojima, was released on the MSX2 computer console back in 1987. The game spawned a series of sequels, with the series culminating in the release of 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 being available to the public for nearly two weeks for some players, it should be expected that customizations will begin to crop up. Many gamers have begun to apply custom paint jobs to their consoles, giving the stark white design a beautiful splash of unique color. Popular PlayStation titles, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, have been payed homage through custom paintjobs. One particularly impressive customization came in the form of a Mass Effect-inspired design, adorning the PS5 with the colors and insignia of the sci-fi saga’s N7 operatives.

Other players are tinkering with the PS5 hardware itself instead of its case. Twitter user psxdev has managed to get the original Metal Gear to run on a PlayStation 5, using an online MSX2 emulator. WebMSX was made to run on the new console thanks to an internal web browser that is not ordinarily accessible, but can be used through a back door. The emulator is available on most common web browsers, making it simple to access through the PS5.

The presence of a hidden web browser on the PlayStation 5 was reported shortly after the console’s release, and it is apparently still accessible. There exists an option to link the PS5 to other online services, such as Twitter, and choosing this option begins connecting the user to Twitter.

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However, canceling the log-in will allow free access to the entire internet, allowing access to unintended services such as WebMSX. This discovery came shortly after Sony reported that the console would not be sporting a web browser, despite the fact that the PS3 and PS4 both included one.

With the recent launch of a new generation of consoles, it should be expected that gamers will begin exploring the new hardware and software at their fingertips. It is always cool to see technology used for unintended purposes, and one never needs and excuse to play some Metal Gear. As more and more people get their hands on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, it seems likely that more and more exploits will be discovered.

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