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VMware warns of the public availability of CVE-2021-39144 exploit code

VMware warned of the availability of a public exploit for a recently addressed critical remote code execution flaw in NSX Data Center for vSphere (NSX-V).

VMware NSX is a network virtualization solution that is available in VMware vCenter Server.

The remote code execution vulnerability resides in the XStream open-source library. Unauthenticated attackers can exploit the vulnerability in low-complexity attacks without user interaction.

“Due to an unauthenticated endpoint that leverages XStream for input serialization in VMware Cloud Foundation (NSX-V), a malicious actor can get remote code execution in the context of ‘root’ on the appliance.” reads the advisory published by the company.

The product team has also released patches for end-of-life products due to the severity of the vulnerability.

“VMware has confirmed that exploit code leveraging CVE-2021-39144 against impacted products has been published.” reads the advisory published by the virtualization giant.

The virtualization firm also published separate guidance to upgrade NSX-V 6.4.14 appliances on Cloud Foundation 3.x.

The company urges its customers to upgrade their installs to the latest release

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